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AUDIOSLAVE will be the featured guests on the nationally syndicated radio show "Rockline" airing Monday, August 28. The live show begins at 8:30 p.m. PT / 11:30 p.m. ET, and fans are encouraged to call in with questions during the program at (800) 344-ROCK (7625). To find a station near you, check out

AUDIOSLAVE will release its third album, "Revelations", on September 5, but don't expect to see the band on the road until 2007. Frontman Chris Cornell told Launch that unlike the group's previous releases, this time AUDIOSLAVE plans to let fans spend some time with the album before it goes on tour. "Let the album come out for awhile," he said. "You know, the first two records we were out, actually, before they came out. We've done three records in four and a half years and toured a lot. This'll be one to just kind of let it go for a minute."

"Revelations" is preceded by the first single, "Original Fire". The album's title track is also being used in the Madden NFL 2007 video game.

This fall Cornell plans to finish recording his second solo album, which he expects to release in 2007, following up 1999's "Euphoria Morning". Cornell has also recorded "You Know My Name" for the upcoming James Bond movie "Casino Royale", as well as a song for the independent film "Bug".
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