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August 14, 2006, 7:00 PM ET
Chris Cornell has tapped Steve Lillywhite (U2, Morrissey) to produce his second solo album, which will be released early next year via Interscope. "I'm always writing," Cornell told last week. "There's a song here, a song there that I wouldn't be able to put on an Audioslave record. Audioslave's really been more of a collaboration, anyway, and I'm a guy that writes a lot of songs, and I write a lot by myself."

Cornell also co-wrote "You Know My Name," the theme song for the new James Bond film "Casino Royale," with composer David Arnold. He described the track as "more uptempo and a little more aggressive than any other Bond theme has been, maybe since Paul McCartney ['Live and Let Die']. It has an orchestra, but it also has some angry sounding guitar, and it's got feedback."

As previously reported, Audioslave's third album, "Revelations," arrives Sept. 5 via Epic.

-- Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

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