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Hey, babe, what's your sign... and stuff

I don't know about anyone else here, but I am a self-professed astrology fiend... so naturally when I get bored I like to evaulate my tastey boys in different ways (hmm... sounded so dirty.. heeehee)

So I looked up all things Chris in a couple of my books. They even have a sleep styles reading... heehee

Click here for Sarah's semi-metaphysical interpretations
(New with the LJ cut deal... hope this works)

Chris stats:

sign (duh!)-- Cancer (I know everyone's read up on that)

body type -- ectomorph (the archetypical ectomorph is tall and thin, with long legs and narrow torso... with a minimum amount of visible muscle. The ectomorph is the most mentally intense and physically sensitive of the three types. Cerebral, attentive, artistic, ectomorphs are introverted and prefer privacy and solitude to social interaction. They're often inhibited about their bodies and their emotions, keeping both to themselves. Relaxation and deep sleep can elude the ectomorph due to the nervous energy that courses through his system. It's especially difficult for this type to find a comfortable balance between body and mind)

dosha -- pitta (well-porportioned of medium build, fair yet ruddy skin, precise speech patterns, sudden hunger pangs, a determined walk, and an aversion to direct sunlight. Personality wise... warm, friendly, charismatic, with a curious mind, a love of challenges, and enterprising nature. When the pitta dosha is out of balance, he can turn irritable, severely critical, combative, and jealous. Under pressure becomes stressed out and short-tempered, may become hyperconscious of time and fixated on completing tasks)

posture & sex (mmmmm) -- "if a man has a relaxed posture and uses plenty of range of motion when he's in the vertical mode, chances are he'll do the same in the horizontal mode"

hands -- air hand (powerful communicator, intellectual and non-emotional (?) and given to reason and logic, but who is also confident and full of hope)

soul urge -- 2, harmony and diplomacy (charm, adaptability, and receptiveness are his gifts, he also shows an affinity for music and rhythm. When not at his best, can become oversensitive, cowardly or deceptive)

I-ching -- yin (cool, refined, fiercely territorial, both a gentleman and calculating politican who uses his natural charisma to pull off the best deals he can... real estate, luxury goods... He can charm people from all walks of life and easily gain their trust.When it comes to romance, he'll settle down with a (preferably curvaceous and busty) woman who can be a perfect public partner as well as a caring lover)

chinese astrology -- dragon (an energetic leader, likely to be idealistic, professional, aggressive, and dynamic, generous and intelligent. Rat, boar, rabbit, monkey and tiger are his designated soul mates)

birth order -- second youngest= middle (natural mediator, open-minded, sympathetic, can make almost anyone feel comfortable. In the interest of being helpful and constructive, can become chronically critical. Tends to avoid the spotlight, don't feel the need to make bold moves or publicly assert themselves... can be misinterpreted as weakness or insecurity)

elemental -- wood (generous, self-confident, dignified, harmonious, compassionate, adaptive, independent, energetic, yet have a tendency to take on more than can be managed and have a temper that can be difficult to control. Needs freedom and movement in their lives and have a passion for growth, expansion, beauty and awakening)

tree -- elm (on good days, honest and faithful partners who are noble-minded, generous, practical, stylish, humorous, and by the way, quite attractive in the physiquie dept. On bad days, can be unforgiving, bossy know- it-alls.)

*whew* There you have it.... the complete run down. My fingers are tired...

I got my info from :

"50 ways to read your lover" by Todd Lyon... good book with many more interp stuff if you're interested
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aw man... sorry about the failed LJ cut deal. I'm so technologically retarded. lol
Wow, lovely and interesting info :D.